Frequent Coughing in Children

Frequent Coughing in Children, A Warning Sign 

Dr. Brian Bezack of Benzack Pediatric Pulmonary in Commack, NY, is a seasoned and experienced pediatric pulmonary doctor and sees plenty of children of all age groups displaying chronic coughs.

A child can display an occasional cough. However, if that occasional cough becomes frequent and chronic, this is a warning sign that something is amiss.

A frequent cough that becomes persistent in any adult or child is not normal. A child with a frequent cough needs to be assessed by this doctor as there is undoubtedly an underlying medical issue needing immediate attention.

A Frequent Cough Accompanied by Other Symptoms Demands Specific Treatment Options

A persistent and frequent cough presents specific signs and symptoms of illness that need this doctor's attention. Frequent coughing decreases the child's quality of life because the child cannot participate in their normal day without the cough holding them back. A chronic cough can interfere with the child's concentration and focus in school and home.

A chronic cough always has other possible accompanying signs of illness such as but not limited to a stuffy nose, runny nose, wheezing, difficulty breathing, sore throat, vocal changes, headache, nausea, vomiting, increased fatigue, and frequent clearing of the throat.

There are instances where a frequent cough presents more serious issues, such as but not limited to bronchitis, pneumonia, lung cancer, asthma, acid reflux, chronic sinus problems, and more. It takes this doctor's expertise to determine the underlying causes and treat the condition.

Every child is different. Every cough is different. Every child responds to illness and treatment to different degrees. No child's body is the same. The critical thing is for the doctor to identify the underlying cause of the cough and initiate the appropriate treatment. Never allow a frequent cough to go untreated.

Your child does not like feeling ill any more than you do, and they need help overcoming whatever is wrong.

When to Contact the Doctor

Call Dr. Bezack, of Benzack Pediatric Pulmonary, 66 Commack Road Suite 100, Commack, NY, at (631) 499-1298 if a frequent and chronic cough plagues your child. Coughing to this degree means something is wrong, and your child needs treatment. Our doctor will uncover the underlying problem and treat it accordingly. 

Never allow a frequent cough to go untreated. Help your child to recover and enjoy life again without a nagging cough. We cannot help your child until you call us and make an appointment for your child to see this pediatric pulmonologist. You are your child's best advocate for prime health and wellness.

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