Common Signs for Recognizing Child Allergies

Unfortunately, many children can have severe allergic reactions to a variety of things and if allergies aren’t caught early, they could lead to serious medical complications. Fortunately, however, there are many common warning signs of pediatric allergies. If you have questions, feel free to contact Dr. Brian Bezack in Commack, NY to speak about a pediatric/child allergy.

Common Signs For Recognizing Child Allergies

Allergies often exhibit the same symptoms in children as in adults. If your child has a runny nose or is sneezing a lot, it may be due to allergies. Your child’s eyes might be watery or red as well. Children may also suffer from stuffy noses.

Many allergies cause skin reactions. Your child might suffer a rash or get hives. These skin issues can result in itchy skin, so if your child is constantly scratching it may be due to an allergic reaction.

Food allergies can also result in stomach issues, nausea, and cramps. When it comes to food allergies, parents should be very careful. Food allergies can cause severe reactions that set in quickly. In some cases, children can end up seriously hurt or could even pass away.

With food allergies, peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, soy, shellfish, peanuts, and dairy products are common sources of allergy problems. That said, children could have an allergic reaction to many other substances as well.

Identifying Allergens in Children

Something that causes an allergic reaction is called an “allergen.” While certain foods and materials are more likely to be allergens than other substances, just about anything can cause a reaction. Fortunately, it’s often possible to identify allergens with testing methods.

One common way to test for allergens is a “scratch” test. With this test, the skin is exposed to a small amount of the most common allergens. If the skin reacts, you’ve found an allergen.

Careful observation will help as well. If your child suffers an allergic reaction only in specific places, say the park, or after eating a certain meal, like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, you can narrow down likely allergens.

Need help identifying allergens? Contact Dr. Brian Bezack in Commack, NY to talk about a pediatric/child allergy.

Mitigating Pediatric Allergies

There’s no known cure for allergies. However, some medications, like an EpiPen can relieve symptoms and save lives. Still, the best course is avoidance, especially with severe allergies. You may have to skip going to the park or eating at certain restaurants as health comes first.

If your child is suffering a severe reaction or having trouble breathing, you need to seek medical attention immediately. With allergic reactions, time is of the essence.

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