Managing Your Child's Allergies

Don’t let your child’s allergies keep them from the things they love.

Does your child deal with watery eyes, sneezing or a persistent cough after being outside? Do they often battle headaches, nasal congestion or even dark circles under the eyes? If so, these are all signs that your child could have allergies. The good news is that our Commack, NY, pediatric pulmonologist Dr. Brian Bezack and the team at Bezack Pediatric Pulmonology can help you determine the best approaches for managing your child’s allergies.

Dealing with Dust Mites?

If your child has an allergy to dust or dust mites, making sure their bedding is free of dust is key. Apart from purchasing hypoallergenic bedding, here are some other tips to follow to make your child’s bedroom an allergy-free space,

  • Wash all bedding in hot water at least once a week
  • Place dust-proof covers over mattresses and pillows
  • Minimize the number of pillows or blankets on your child’s bed to reduce dust accumulation
  • Remove carpeting and rugs from the bedroom, if possible
  • Wash curtains regularly at very high temperatures (around 130 F)
  • Use a HEPA air filter in their bedroom to remove allergens from the air

Use Filters to Keep the Air Clean

Since allergens can easily get into the air, an air filter is going to become your child’s new best friend. If you have central air conditioning or a window AC unit it’s important that you are changing the filter each month. Air filters in furnaces should also be replaced monthly.

Avoid using fans or leaving windows open, which can just blow dust and other allergens into the environment. You should also use a HEPA filter in your vacuum and vacuum your home at least once a week. Your child should not enter their bedroom for a couple of hours after vacuuming.

Know the Pollen Count

We understand just how much your kids probably love to play outside, especially during those perfect Commack, NY, summer months; however, allergies can certainly rear their ugly head if you and your child aren’t careful. Always make sure to check the pollen count before letting your child play outside. If pollen counts are high, it’s best to let your child play indoors. While pollen count will usually drop immediately after it rains, about 1-2 days afterward you may notice the pollen count rising. It’s also best to keep kids indoors during these times to prevent stuffiness, sneezing and nasal congestion.

If your child’s allergies are impacting their daily routine and making it challenging to play outdoors and do what they love, then it’s time to speak with our Commack, NY, pediatric pulmonologist Dr. Bezack, who specializes in treating allergies and asthma in children and teens. To schedule an evaluation, call Bezack Pediatric Pulmonology at (631) 499-1298.

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