Helping Your Child Live Well With Asthma

Around 6.2 million children under the age of 18 suffer from asthma. If you have an asthmatic child, you know only too well that the condition causes frequent visits to the doctor, missed school days, and sometimes, hospitalizations. However, although asthma is a chronic condition, with the right medical help and lifestyle changes, it can be controlled. Dr. Brian Bezack is a doctor at Bezack Pediatric Pulmonology based in Commack, NY. He specializes in childhood asthma, and he can help your family with his medical expertise.

Strategies for Helping Your Child Breathe Easier

  • Make regular visits to your doctor: If you are a Commack parent, you can schedule appointments with Dr. Bezack so that your child always has the prescription medication they need to manage their asthma symptoms.
  • Develop an asthma action plan: A constructive, written asthma action plan can help you and your family, friends, and your child’s teachers act appropriately when handling difficult symptoms or emergencies. Your healthcare provider can help you draw up a plan.
  • Help your child use their medication correctly: Whether your child is using a peak flow meter, a nebulizer, or an inhaler, they must know how to use them properly to ensure their effectiveness. Your healthcare provider will help you decide which form of medication is right for your child.
  • Limit your child’s exposure to triggers: You should minimize your child’s exposure to triggers such as mold, dust, pet dander, and other allergens that make it difficult for them to breathe. If your child is prone to seasonal allergies, your doctor may recommend additional medication during these times.

If you’re looking for a pediatrician who specializes in child allergy and asthma, call Dr. Bezack today at (631) 499-1298, to schedule a consultation. He is always happy to answer your questions and address concerns about your child’s asthma.

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