The Importance of Well Care Visits for Adolescents

Find out why visiting the pediatrician is just as important for teens.

We all know just how important it is to bring newborns and children to the pediatrician’s regularly, but we shouldn’t forget that teens need regular care, too. Along with newborn care, our pediatricians also provide caring, compassionate adolescent medicine to teens of all ages.

Does My Teen Need Well-Child Visits?

These checkups aren’t just for children. Teens also benefit from coming in once a year for a comprehensive evaluation with our pediatrician. These visits are important, especially for teens, because they also provide a safe space to ask about everything from depression and birth control to substance use and eating disorders.

What Do Well-Child Visits Entail for Teens?

Preventive health care is for everyone, no matter your age. So, we welcome all tweens and teens to our practice for these annual checkups. Not only are these visits good for monitoring your child’s physical health but also for supporting their mental and emotional health. Through these checkups, our team can establish a healthy baseline for your teen. During regular monitoring, tracking and testing we can also catch issues such as high blood sugar levels, hormonal imbalances or thyroid dysfunction.

By bringing your teen in once a year, we can also catch problems early on when you may not notice symptoms right away. Catching health issues during the early stages is critical for reducing the chance of long-term complications.

Along with tracking your teen’s pulse, blood pressure, temperature and height and weight, we will also perform a comprehensive physical examination to make sure that everything is functioning properly and looks healthy. Bloodwork may also be performed to check for possible issues that we may not be able to see on the surface.

These visits are also a time for your teen to bring up any questions or concerns they may have about their health. Sensitive subjects such as sexual health may make teens feel uncomfortable talking with their parents, but they can address these subjects with our team in a safe, welcoming environment.

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We understand that the teen years are a sensitive time full of new challenges and changes, and you want a pediatrician that understands the complexities of adolescent medicine. Schedule an appointment today with our pediatrician.

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